Sunday, September 9, 2012

A poncho

Over the past few days, I've been busy hooking.
Miss K (aged 9) now has a poncho, Miss M (aged 4) will soon have a poncho. Miss I (aged 7) will have one as soon as I can get some yarn to make it.
And before we go in to Sydney for a concert at the Opera House (I'm really looking forward to it - Mnozil Brass are quite entertaining, and it's a rare child-free evening), I'm going to need to make a poncho for Miss W (aged 8(ish) ), a friends daughter, and also the daughters friend. So, more yarn needed for that, too.

Anyways, the pattern I used is Miss Sucrettes poncho pattern.

It's a graphic pattern on there, so I'm going to be helpful and write it out.

Foundation Chain: ch multiple of 8, to fit over the head of the person. slst to beginning of chain

1st row: ch3 (counts as first treb), treb into each stitch below. slst to top of ch3 to join.

2nd row: ch3, trb into 2nd stitch, treb into 3rd stitch, ch1, **treb once into next 3 st, ch1**. Rpt ** to ** end. slst to top of ch3 to join.

3rd row: ch3, trb into 2nd gap, treb into gap, ch1, **treb once into next gap, ch1**. Rpt ** to ** until half way around. at half way, add an extra treb, treb, treb, ch to make a corner (similar to a granny square corner). Continue ** to ** until you reach the beginning, and add an extra treb, treb, treb, ch.

Repeat 3rd row until desired length.
 Trim however you wish.

As you can see, I still need to weave in the ends, but Miss K and I are both happy with it.

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