Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 blankets - WIPs

In a continuation from my last post, I'm doing well with the hexagons. I had 48 starter circles before I started doing the pale pink, now I have 48 starter circles in red with pale pink second rows, and have started on the medium pink third rows (I'm up to 20 of them now). I suspect I will need to do another at least 20 more, but I'll work it out when I get to sewing/crocheting them together. Miss M (aged 4) has claimed this blanket, and it should eventually look like the blanket that Lucy from Attic24 made, but all in pinks, so much like a flower garden.
For those to lazy to look, this is what a close up of Lucy's work looks like

And the second blanket is going to be in blues and yellow. Miss K has requested a blanket in African Flowers. The centre will be a golden yellow with the second row in pale blue, the single line in the golden yellow again, the next row in medium blue and the final row (joining row) in green - again to look like flowers.
Just so you can imagine it, here's an image 

So that's where I'm at for now - Photos of the hexagons and the progress will be posted soon - likely this weekend.

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