Saturday, October 6, 2012

And now for some of my own art work...

First off all, I do need to show you the colours I'm using for the hexagon blanket.
It sounds a strange colour combo, but red, pale pink and medium pink do actually work well together.


Next is the starter circles, all in red - I started with 48 of these and realised that I need many more, so I did another 48 last night.

I now have 96 hexagons in progress, and even if the blanket is then too big, it really is better it be too big than too small.

Second row is the baby pink - I think it looks better to have the pale colour between the two strong colours, don't you think?

Yes, I am aware they look kinda like boobs. That isn't intentional.

The third row is the dark pink - its a lovely contrast to the pale pink.

I have 48 of these little flowers made already. I now just need to do the other 48.

And the Fourth round is where it gets turned into an hexagon.

I'll be stitching them all together with a dark green - probably forest green - to make the blanket.

So, what do we all think?

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